LIn Bao "The secret of flying woman or The Confessions of Tea Elder"

LIn Bao "The secret of flying woman or The Confessions of Tea Elder"

Far-far away, in the Universe, there is a place that can be called Nothingness. Can be, but no one knows what it really is. I have never met any people who could come back from that place. But this is not because such people have never existed, we just didn't meet with them in time. When they started their journey to WOO-CHI - this is how that place is called - I hadn't arrived in this world yet. Thus, I can make judgments about it basing my opinions only on the information they had left behind themselves on this Earth.

Soon, in the year 2003 Anno Domini, according to my calculations, the stars will be exactly in the most favorable position, the one that would make the way to WOO-CHI the fastest and easiest, and I will go there too.

WOO-CHI is the final destination of all travels, it's a Mecca for the immortal. Of course, I might have left for WOO-CHI earlier, but I like to experiment. According to my calculations, the favourable star position occurs once every 10,800 years. So, I want not only to leave for WOO-CHI, but also to check the accuracy of my estimations....

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